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Carbon Cycle City


It's not just wishful thinking. Nearly everything you discovered in the artwork "Carbon Cycle City" already exists today. Find out more about the science behind the fiction.

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"In a distant corner of the world, a city stands tall - a beacon of hope in a sea of uncertainty. This is Carbon Cycle City, a place where the impossible became possible. It all started when its citizens stopped seeing CO2 as a pollutant, and instead embraced it as a resource. By turning their once-broken carbon loops into prospering long-term cycles, this city has become a shining example of sustainable living. Come explore the wonders of this Carbon Cycling City."

Source: Neonature

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"Our circular city plan endorsed by city hall is continuously transforming companies. Sewage plants turned into fertilizer factories, landscapers became conservationists, and developers switched to being carbon capturers."

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"In our Co-working space, the city supports brave little carbon initiatives. One such project is an app that was born right here: it lets citizens give away their data to make public transportation smoother and more efficient. It's like donating to a good cause, but with data instead of money."

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“Our city is jumping on the renewable energy bandwagon and ditching gas-guzzlers for good– Sparking a carbon neutral mobility movement fuelled entirely by sunshine and wind! Made up of self-driving vehicles, our buses and trains are now remarkably flexible and can connect to form super linked rides! No more circling the block for a parking spot - our smart rides are always on the move, ready to whisk you away to your next destination!”

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“Move over, boring old concrete! Carbon concrete is here to shake things up (literally and figuratively). Inspired by the secret lives of corals, this material captures atmospheric carbon and turns it into solid, structural gold. No more CO2 emissions while you're building – just a whole lot of awe and amazement from your friends and neighbors. 'Wow, that house is made of what?!' they'll say. 'Carbon concrete, of course,' you'll reply, with a twinkle in your eye.”

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"Here at the carbon market, we sell and repair products made from CO2. Why? Because we want to keep this carbon out of the atmosphere and give it a new lease on life! We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products, so if they ever need fixing, updating, or upcycling, just head on over to our Repair Café. From furniture and kitchenware to jewelry and beyond, we've got it all! So come on down and see carbon transformed right before your eyes!”

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"Our elegant sculptures capture CO2 from the atmosphere, providing the raw materials for the wondrous wares sold at our hyper-local carbon market.”

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"Back in the day, our farmland was bursting with thriving marshlands. But then they got all drained and stuff, and released tons of CO2. So we did our very best to restore, replenish, and rehabilitate them. And now we farm reeds and cattails, which make awesome material for all kinds of buildings and packaging.”

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“This is your captain speaking, in just a moment we are landing in Carbon Cycle City. Your flight today was fully powered by renewables. We hope you had a good flight and we’ll see you again on our ultra-light light solar-hydro planes. Thank you for flying with ‘Zero Carbon Airways’.”

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"Hey kids, did you know that in our food forest we grow lots of different fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms all together? This way, we can harvest food from tree top layer to root layer. And get this: food forests are even better at helping the environment than regular farms! That's because they have lots of different plants and animals living together, which helps them store more carbon. So not only do food forests give us lots of yummy food to eat, they also help protect our planet!"

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"If you follow this mossy brick road you'll end up at our nature reserve, where all sorts of creatures live in harmony. There are majestic oak forests and marshlands that have stood the test of time, which are also excellent at storing carbon in their soils and plants. If we leave them be, they'll help keep our city healthy and clean for generations to come. So let's show some love to these ancient carbon sinks and keep them around for the long haul!"

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"Tinkerers, Artists, Engineers! For too long, has Nature been the only master of balancing fast and slow carbon cycles. For too long have we burned fossil fuels, releasing too much CO2 into the atmosphere, and throwing off this delicate balance. Your mission hence forth: to help Nature restore this equilibrium! So designers, full steam ahead! Create inventions that mimic the slow carbon cycle! Make sure every innovation from this city captures the excess CO2 we've released, and will last for as long as possible before releasing back into the air! Onwards and upwards, for our planet’s future is in your hands!"

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“Coming to you all, live from the highly anticipated ‘Carbonale' festival! Witness the joyous citizens of Carbon Cycle City, celebrating their carbon awareness and achievements! Stay tuned to watch the exciting inauguration ceremony where our city’s children become the next generation of trailblazing 'carbon copies'!

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“Denizens of Carbon Cycle City, I present to you the CO2-powered super battery of the future – a massive dome that can convert carbon emissions into pure, clean energy. Just imagine: all those hard-to-decarbonize industries can now send their excess CO2 our way, where our trusty dome will magically transform it from a greenhouse gas into a reliable source of power. And the best part? It can keep on chugging along for a whopping 30 years before needing a CO2 refill!”

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"Our river is a large carbon corridor. It transports carbon run off from land and aquatic life found in plants and animals, soil and human activity–eventually flowing into the greatest blue carbon sinks: wetlands and oceans! Thus, we make sure that everything we do, on and near water is good for the river’s CO2 balance. Most importantly, we’ve restored the river's edge with a rich diversity of native plants. This nurtures healthy soil, which is the foundation for stable blue carbon sinks.”

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